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Italian Campsite Reviews - Misurina
Ben Vane Munro

Ben Vane – Munro Bagging

A Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3000 ft. They are named after the man who compiled the original list – Hugh Munro of which there are 283.  Some nutters make it a challenged to climbing them all, maybe we will get there someday but for now we just pick one or two to do starting with Ben Vane. We drove from Glasgow, along Loch Lomond, past Tarbert and up towards Crianlarich. Eventually we passed a big hydropower station and  pulled...

Cristo degli Abissi Christ of the Abyss complete guide directions
2 Days in Venice --Angus and Vivian Adventures

2 Days in Venice–Tips and Tricks

I’m a sucker for picturesque destinations. I’ll scroll through blogs, drooling at the sight of beaches, lush forests and canals, lusting for a chance to go. So when the opportunity to spend 2 days in Venice came by, you’ll bet I jumped on it. Angus and I initially planned on spending our entire two weeks in Italy up in the Dolomites. However, since we were already landing into the Venice airport, I couldn’t resist suggesting we spend some time exploring...

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