Adventures of the Year: 2016 Recap


Hiking Ben Vane, Scotland

Adventures, no matter how big or small, shape who you are. They are not created equal. They create memories, tell stories and inspire others to start their own shenanigans.

Angus and I were nowhere near short of adventures of the year. We’ve scaled gritstone cliffs, dove into shipwrecks and scoured the peaks of the UK to curate a list of our most memorable activities this year. You’ll bet your bones they’re a list to be reckoned for. So here we go: our adventures of the year, to interest you, inspire you and entertain you so that maybe you’ll be making your own adventures in 2017.

Climbing In Costa Blanca, Spain

What better way of kicking off 2016 than by going on a climbing trip? We heard Costa Blanca was one of the best European winter climbing destinations, and it did not disappoint. We couldn’t have gone wrong with sunshine, amazing views and cheap booze.

Climbing in Costa Blanca Spain

Learning Archery

Angus and I have always wanted to learn archery. For Valentine’s Day, I surprised him with the most appropriate gift for the occasion. We watched Deadpool and drove to the middle of the Scottish peaks to practice our cupid skills.

adventures of the year

Scaling the UK’s Highest Peak

Ah, Ben Nevis. The one peak we’ve summitted three times and have yet to see the views on top of the peak. As misty, windy and rainy as it always is this far North, it’s still well worth the trip.

West Highland Way and Ben Nevis - Angus and Vivian Adventures

Learning to Freedive in Malta

I still can’t properly freedive. Yup, I’ve confessed. I still can’t equalise upside down. Angus can do it perfectly, though, and I can do it right side up, so it still counts right? Besides, I still got myself down to see the shipwreck and the submarine. It was pretty swell.

Freediving in Malta, apnea, diving with wrecks and submarines

Trad Climbing at The Roaches

Trad climbing is one of the things I’ve recently gotten into this year. It’s been a fiesty relationship between the rock and I and trad kit. We’ve had our ups and down, our tears and blood on the wall. But the experience is worth the hardship. Because what doesn’t kill you makes stronger, am I right?

Grit climbing the roaches valkyire, adventures of the year

christ of the abyss

I am so glad we managed to fit this into our itinerary. We got stung by jellyfish, we ate next to super yachts and we dove down next to a statue 20 metres below the sea. It was all we ever imagined, and much more.

adventures of the year- christ of the abyss

THE dolomites

I cannot stop going on and on about this place. The climbing, the views, the outdoors. Finishing my dissertation and heading straight for the mountains. It was my definition of a perfect summer holiday.

Climbing Cinque Torri

2016, as insane as it was, brought Angus and I closer together. We’ve collected these adventures off the year, these memories and so much more that if I tried to describe them all, you’d be reading a novel. We cannot wait to see what 2017 holds for us, and we cannot wait to be spending it with you all. Cheers to another year, we reckon it’s gonna be a good one.

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    1. Wow! That’s an incredible year with some huge adventures. Also: great photos! Wishing you all the best in 2017!

    1. Wow what an amazing year you have had – I have really enjoyed meeting you and discovering your blog this year, you are two lovely people and your photographs are amazing! Here’s to an amazing 2017 for you x

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