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My first experience with yoga was in a Nepalese hostel in the city of Pokhara. Every morning at 6am, my dreadlock-clad roommate rose with the morning sun and struck a series of poses on the balcony overlooking the lake. He tried many times to drag me out of bed to join him, but at the time I was a bit of a yoga cynic. I would roll my eyes at the thought of yoga. Yoga seemed like a fad, a...

Gear review: winter buff

Gear Review : The Polar Buff

Introduction: the Ghost It wasn’t until last week that I started to notice. I have a folder of photos on my laptop which scroll back to 2006 and I now realise that those photos are haunted. There is a ghost which creeps into my photos, it’s so subtle that I never saw it until I got an email last week. Let’s pick some of these photos and see if you can see it. Here is a a very old picture...

Petzl Gri Gri 2 Belay Device Review

Indoor Skiing – Chillin’ with Crystal Ski Holidays

Crystal ski holidays As Colorado welcomes its first bouts of snow, England is welcomed by another precipitous sensation: rain. Not that that’s a bad thing. Rain makes the rolling hills of the English countryside so lush and so green. It waters the entire country so you don’t have to worry about taking those extra long showers. It gives you the characteristic squish squish sound underneath your boots. It’s the essence of Mother Nature, and it’s what makes the UK unique...

Holiday Gift Guide for Climbers
Trespass DLX Women's Imelda Waterproof Jacket
Travel Hacks, Travel wallet, travel ideas

Travel Hacks – The Travel Wallet

Have you ever come up with an idea and then later if turns out that you were not the first person to think of it? Yeah I just found out that I did not invent the travel wallet but screw it, I’m going to tell you my idea anyway. I keep a load of non-essential stuff in my normal wallet, things like a national insurance card, a key fob for work, just junk like that. It’s stuff you don’t use...

Swiftcover Presents Chris Ramsey’s Comedy Hotspots: A Review

I love me a good laugh. The kind the sends you off your chair, snorting, gasping for a breath, putting tears to your eyes and making your abs a bit sore. It is my favourite kind of laugh. Thanks to the infamous Fringe Festival, Glasgow and Edinburgh have associations with big comedy acts. Apparently, cities north of the Watford Gap are claimed to be pretty hilarious! I personally think I’m pretty funny. But then again, I think I’m the weird...

Go Ape Aberfoyle tree top adventure