Pura Lempuyang

We Went to Bali (And We Did Cool Stuff)

Long distance sucks balls. Especially when the significant other is on the other side of the world. But what doesn’t suck about it is our excuse to travel. Specifically, we love meeting in new destinations around the world. One of the reasons why Angus and I’s relationship works so well is our mutual love for traveling and the outdoors. Long distance challenges us, it forces us to be independent, it gives us a reason to go to the places we...

Hiking Ben Vane, Scotland
Rome Travel Hacks - Colosseum
2 Days in Venice --Angus and Vivian Adventures

2 Days in Venice–Tips and Tricks

I’m a sucker for picturesque destinations. I’ll scroll through blogs, drooling at the sight of beaches, lush forests and canals, lusting for a chance to go. So when the opportunity to spend 2 days in Venice came by, you’ll bet I jumped on it. Angus and I initially planned on spending our entire two weeks in Italy up in the Dolomites. However, since we were already landing into the Venice airport, I couldn’t resist suggesting we spend some time exploring...

Sierra de Toix Spain
Trainline 3 days in glasgow

3 Days in Glasgow

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already read countless of TripAdvisor reviews and gone through all the sites on page 1 of your Google search just to find things to do in the next city you’re going to, or in this case, Glasgow. If you’re even more like me, then you’re probably looking for something a bit more physically engaging than your typical bus tour, or museum donder. Well, you’re in luck. For this post, we’ve partnered with the Trainline...

Freediving on a wreck

So you may have seen our post before on freediving in malta, if not, you can check that our here. The dives were amazing, great visibility and we saw some really interesting stuff! You can check out a video from one of the wreck dives below. This was the day that we ended up freediving next to a mini-submarine which was on the wreck at the same time as us, which was very cool. Make sure and hit HD!  ...

Blue Hole and Azure Window