Grit climbing the roaches valkyire

Valkyrie – Grit Climbing the Roaches

We are fortunate enough to live a 20 minute drive away from some of the best grit climbing in Britain, The Roaches. We looked through climbing guides reading about all the routes the roaches had to offer and there was one in particular that we couldn’t miss, “Valkyrie”. This is one of the highest rated climbs in the UKC logbook, for it’s grade it’s possibly the best grit climb in the country but what really attracted me to Valkyrie was the rock...

Hiking Ben Vane, Scotland
Rome Travel Hacks - Colosseum
Iceland john snow's cave

John Snow’s cave – Grjotagjas’ hot pool

Reykjahlíð camping I’m not sure whether we are subconsciously drawn to game of thrones sets or if the director just had good taste in adventure destinations but John Snow’s cave is not the first game of thrones scene we have stumbled across.  While in Malta we ran into at least 3 game of thrones sets, with one of my favourites being Azure window. When we were driving the Icelandic ring road, we spent a day and a night in Reykjahlíð, camping in the beautiful...

climbing in scotland

Indoor Skiing – Chillin’ with Crystal Ski Holidays

Crystal ski holidays As Colorado welcomes its first bouts of snow, England is welcomed by another precipitous sensation: rain. Not that that’s a bad thing. Rain makes the rolling hills of the English countryside so lush and so green. It waters the entire country so you don’t have to worry about taking those extra long showers. It gives you the characteristic squish squish sound underneath your boots. It’s the essence of Mother Nature, and it’s what makes the UK unique...

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Climbing Cinque Torri

The Guide to Rock Climbing Cinque Torri

The guide to rock climbing cinque torri Just a few more steps and you’re there. My entire body is on fire, droplets of sweat dripping down my face. You can do it. My legs feel like lead. I was carrying a large chunk of our trad climbing kit, hiking up this steep, steep hill. Angus and I were too cheap to pay for the chairlift. After what felt like hours later, we finally arrived at the top. All that breathing, all...