Swimming in the Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – 10 Top Tips


Swimming in the Fairy Pools was great fun but be warned, it is freezing (or at least less than 4 degrees C). Skye is beautiful, well worth a trip. Here are our 10 top tips…..

Tip #1 – Get up early
Tip #2 – Park in the car park, not the verge
Tip #3 – Wear appropriate foot wear
Tip #4 – Don’t be a poser
Tip #5 – These hotties are not on tinder
Tip #6 – Be prepared for a climb
Tip #7 – Get warm
Tip #8 – Bring a chittery bite
Tip #9 – Don’t wear jewellery this close to Mordor, the orcs and the eye can see you
Tip #10 – Bring a waterproof

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    1. Absolutely brilliant guys. Throughly enjoyEd the video and tips are taken on board. Always wanted to visit the fairy pools and your video proves it’s all wor the it. Hope you carry on giving tips well worth it. Cheers Sharon x

      1. Thanks Sharon!! You should definitely come up to visit the Fairy Pools, they are amazing. Glad you enjoyed the video 🙂

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